Welcome to the COEHS Strategic Planning website.

The College of Education and Human Sciences at the University of New Mexico has launched a multi-year planning project that will establish broad priorities and areas of impact over the next 5 years. The project builds on previous strategic planning activities in 2022 and aims for greater integration of all aspects of the College and a clear vision and path forward with timely, relevant, actionable outcomes.

This strategic planning project also will align with UNM 2040: Opportunity Defined, a multi-year plan to shape the future of the University of New Mexico and both a vision of our future twenty years from now, and a set of more immediate tasks designed to move us toward that vision.

Led by Interim Dean Kristopher M. Goodrich, Ph.D., and a Steering Committee of faculty, staff, and students, COEHS’s transparent and inclusive planning project will also engage the COEHS community and our University and community and state partners as we solicit their perspectives and make decisions of high value to them. The final plan will include an implementation plan, resource framework, and dashboard for measuring and reporting progress.

As the plan develops this fall, we will continue to add updates and details to this website as well as ways that you can provide your feedback and insights as we develop our new strategic plan. Note that this website also contains a Comment form where you can submit questions and perspectives at any point in the process.

UNM 2040: Opportunity Defined